The Fall

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Sammy48 | 22:13 Fri 28th Oct 2016 | Media & TV
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Disappointing Ending.


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spoiler !

yeah why did he kill the red haired diary writer ( Bailey ) ?
I have to say I found the murder scenes too graphic
I thought he did it for kicks Peter, or maybe he thought he would save him being punished for his distraction riot by killing him.
Too many unanswered questions.
What really was the point of the teenage girl?
Was the police chief abused or abuser?
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I thought the Police Chief was drinking because he had an affair with Gillian Anderson in the previous series and she rejected him, but now there seemed a connection to the abused boys. Confusing.
I missed the violent bits tonight (sometimes the ad breaks on commercial tv have their uses otherwise I have to shut my eyes). When I returned from the loo, all hell seemed to have broken loose! Was there something in the background story of the red-headed one that sparked the killing frenzy in Spector? He had originally told him that he had broken his sister's arm. Later it was disclosed that he had raped and killed her and perhaps Spector had thought about his own daughter and that may have set him off again, given his own awful experience. Anyway, I'm really glad that it was just fictional but it does make one think about children in vulnerable family circumstances, and whether they are adequately protected.
Art imitating life, no happy endings and nothing neat and tidy.

I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed the series. Part of me thought it was a bit of a cop out with him killing himself, especially as they can't have him in another series, but I think it actually made the ending very poignant.

For me it was to do with, not just him, but the fall of others around him and how many people were impacted by him, some significantly so, his family for one.

I thought they were right to carry on with the story about Katie and the effect it has had on her. Similarly Rose. Even the Defence solicitor quitting her job.

I think the senior policeman was a bit of a drunken mess anyway and the incident in the police interview pushed him past the point of no return, especially as he seemed to have feelings for the one Gillian Anderson played.

Unless I missed it, it still wasn't clear if the memory loss was real or not, for the later murders, especially given he could remember the details of the earlier London killing.

It was all building to get him to face justice and punishment and then after everything that happened and the affect it had on so many people, he killed himself and no justice can really be done.
Have just watched the last episode and thought it was excellent. Spector killed the other guy to stop him raising the alarm when he committed suicide. At least, that was my take on it.

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The Fall

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