No University Challenge Or Only Connect

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roseandlily | 20:08 Mon 24th Oct 2016 | Film, Media & TV
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While I appreciate there are a lot of people who like Autumn Watch, why should they take preference over those of us who like to watch University Challenge & Only Connect.. I know these programmes will be back, but that doesn't help that we have been overlooked.


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Somebody haz to vin.
Sorry Old Geezer, I've just posted an almost identical comment! Great minds of course.
Should have addresses my post to roseandlily, sorry.
Question Author
Don't understand post, Old Geezer
Boo hoo - if I don't like one channel I try another.
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Quite right, Duncer..but this is not a case of keep trying other channels, this is a case of wanting to watch programmes we enjoy & finding they have been pulled in preference for other ones.
Point taken.
Very annoying but both programmes are worth waiting for.
That was last week Tambo, a good programme (yes, biased but think we knew it would be).
Trump - a taxidermist's first attempt at stuffing an orang-utan, if you listen to Radio 4......
As it happens, I had a committee meeting tonight, but otherwise there was nothing to watch. (Chris such a turn-off that we avoid him these days.)
Ah ... poor Hans, he scored the vinner.

Er... not everyone can get what they want. In this case Autumn Watch fans got the slot and Challenge/Connect fans didn't. Were it the other way around then Autumn Watch fans could be posting asking why others took priority. Someone gets disappointed.
I didn't notice that OC or UC weren't on, and I do like them both. There are so many channels filled with a load of dross. I don't know why AW couldn't have been put on one of those. But anyway, all normal next week, I assume.

My mum used to get very upset when Countdown was offloaded in favour of horse racing.
I too enjoy Autumn Watch, but I missed UC last night terribly !

My Monday evenings are laid out like a military campaign......The Archers, of course, at 19:02......quick bath and then we listen to Radio 4 Extra/ LBC, for the next 28 mins, while our dinners are being prepared. Then, at 2 mins to 20:00, its sitting down time, with plate of steaming hot food and a glass of that wonderful £3:00 red from ASDA.

Then....huge bloody bloody Paxo !

That stuffed your plans then Mikey?
They didn't cancel UC or Only connect; they just postponed it. Look on the bright side, it will go on for one week longer than you expected.
Well....not stuffed so much as a big disappointment.

I watched "Land of the Giants" instead !
I don't know why Autumn Watch should take precedence. I was disappointed. Sport often shoves other things out of the way too.

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No University Challenge Or Only Connect

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