Celebrity Big Brother?

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anneasquith | 00:32 Mon 08th Aug 2016 | Media & TV
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Just how trashy are the majority of these "" celebrities"" ? ( do not feel the need to state you have/never watch such rubbish ). :-)


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Most of them are only known because of other reality shows and have no discernible talent or use.

Even the supposed 'celebrity' BB is full of freaks now. Heavy D... What an utter ***. He is a *** in Storage hunters (or whatever the show is called) and is only known for being an annoying *** on there that can't possibly be a thick or *** as he makes out.
Haven't watched it for years - you cant convince me that the "spats and situations" that occur aren't proposed and scripted by the organisers to get more viewers! Surely no normal people would behave in that way! What a load of rubbish!
I don't watch it but I do read about it and watch the occasional clip. It's like each year they try to be more shocking than the previous year.
Who knew that common denominators could be so low?
I personally think this will be the last series of BB and CBB.
I think James Whale has the right approach - I caught a clip last night, and he said "Why don't we all just resolve not to get wound up ..."

Sounds reasonable - although of course the viewing figures would evaporate.

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Celebrity Big Brother?

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