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BlueScorpion | 15:56 Thu 21st Jul 2016 | Media & TV
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Can anyone suggest an actress who has been in both Eastenders & Casualty, she was born before 1960 (it is not Anita Dobson)

Sorry I have no more information than that.


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I think it might be Jayne Griffiths. Elle Gardner in Casualty/ Helen Stritch QC in Eastenders.
good call margo !!
Minty - took me ages to find that, it was bugging me!
:o) too...glad you found it !!
anything for you Minty :-)
I thought it was Jaye not Jayne. Not being pedantic but if it's for a puzzle.
Question Author
Many thanks for that suggestion Margo, unfortunately it's not her - she's already been suggested.

It's for a "who is it?" radio competition.

Thanks anyway for looking.
linda davidson !!!
the punk..drug addict
Yes sorry it is Jaye not Jayne. How about Ellen Thomas who plays Claudette and has also guest starred in Casualty as Florence Asike.
Question Author
Thanks Murraymints & Margo, neither of those are on the wrong answer list, I'll try with one of them on Monday.

Many thanks again for the suggestions.

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Actress In Eastenders & Casualty

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