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NellieMay | 12:12 Fri 27th May 2016 | Media & TV
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Rubbish result. The young black girl was the deserved winner and I also though the two acrobat brothers were amazing, even though I don't usually rate acrobats. And why did that weird space themed called type act ever get in the semis or the little girl dancer who had no real talent? The results all week have been rubbish. I even saw what the soldier magician did she he presented Alicia with the cards to note the first word on the page. Some tremendous acts have been rejected. I too am now sure the votes are rigged.

I know I should stop watching it, but it gives me a chance to pick holes in it!!


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14:32 Fri 27th May 2016
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'when he presented'
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Sorry I wrote an answer in the question box !!!
This is about BGT recently ? I have found 2 threads on it already, both seem to agree with you.

Personally I don't watch it.

I was just wondering what the subject was as well.
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Sorry, as I explained I put my answer in a question box somehow. Don't know just how it happened!

So, is it about BGT or not?
Can't understand why that so called impressionist got through Nellie, he was utter rubbish! Or why the Mum and daughter singer came 8th with their lovely voices! Beginning to think it's rigged.
Yes Baldric.

Thanks JB mystery solved.
Some of the results seem strange to me, but as I don't vote, I don't complain.
Ah now I understand your 3rd post. I thought it referred to your second.
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I confused myself too Old Geezer. Blame it on old age!!!
Completely agree with you. I have no idea how that impressionist won!!

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