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Bazile | 11:18 Tue 10th May 2016 | Media & TV
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What would be the likely reason for not repeating Jackpot 247 on ITV + 1
earlier this morning ?

According to the message on screen - they were not allowed to show the programme

Just Curious


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Never watched it but is it regularly shown on +1, Baz? I would have thought not as it is an interactive gambling programme.
If it's "interactive" would viewers "interact" on what is, essentially, a recording of the original programme?
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Ken4155 - according to this link , it would appear that it's repeated on + 1

'Had a google and apparently its to do with ITV classing +1 as a separate channel and only paying for the rights to show it on one channel (which seems a bit strange as its their programme - not a film) unless its to do with buying the rights from the production company itself?'

The above is from Toothfairy1977 on the MSE Forum from 2011
and, of course, if it's "interactive" and viewers can't actually interact with it (it being a recording).....nobody's making any money from it!
Cynical, who me?
It's not made by ITV....the gambling company buys the itv frequency while not being used. There would be no point in buying plus one's time too.

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