The Curse Of The Badly-Fitting Teeth Strikes Again ...

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andy-hughes | 10:36 Thu 28th Apr 2016 | Film, Media & TV
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Joining the present and passed list of people in the media who have failed to use their fees and fame to locate a decent dentist, the Slushy Teeth Hall Of Fame - incumbents include, in no particular order -

Hugh Hefner
Barry Gibb
David Jacobs
John Craven
Margaret Thatcher
Barry Mannilow
Rula Lenska

welcome their newest member -



Heard on the radio this week sounding like she was enunciating past a mouthful of marbles!

Don't these people listen to themselves?


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That's just dentist.
Barry Gibb!!! How dare you! He is divine + perfect in every way, but am so worried about his Mum...can't find out if she's still alive, but I sincerely hope not, cos with family history, Bazza could be struck down any time soon, and can you imagine what that would do to her? :/

x x
...and me....:(
Question Author
Baths - I bow to no-one in my acknowledgement of Mr Gibb and his brothers as titans of perfect pop composition and delivery but ...

I never allow that to blind me to the fact that Barry has had some professional attention to his trade-mark gnashers, and it appears that his dentist (hardly worthy of the title) has offered a finished product that makes Barry's mouth indistinguishable from that of a dray horse - with attendant restrictions on clear diction.
Baths- this suggests she was still alive last Autumn

x x
Oh well done f-f ;)

x x
lovely pics, f-f thanks for that, but it seems Bazza's got issues with his hair, eh? Always got a hat on, bless ;)
Andy, sorry for hijack ;)

x x x
But to get back to your original topic of teeth, andy,..Barry has always made a "sh" sound for "s"

x x x
I'd add Eric Clapton and Ian McShane, who was sporting an alarming set of gnashers a few months ago on The One Show
Question Author
Baths - //But to get back to your original topic of teeth, andy,..Barry has always made a "sh" sound for "s"

True, but thanks to obvious recent dental attention, his 'sh' sound has now become like a tropical hurricane!!!
Hahah andy. I'm still hoping he stays healthy for next few years for Barbara's sake ;) Has he been on tv recently,...can I Catch Up on him;)

x x x
I take it Baths quite likes Barry? :D

Always thought Derek Jamieson's (teeth) were too big for his mouth

Edwina sometimes does the paper review section on Beeb 1 on a sat monrning, wonder if she'll be on this coming Saturday?
How could you miss out Janet Street-Porter :-)
Question Author
Prudie - //How could you miss out Janet Street-Porter //

Quite easily.

The credentials for joining the STHOF are not connected to the size of teeth.

The entry comes from having received sub-standard dental work, which has rendered the participant unable to speak properly - their 's' sounds become slushy, and they sound as though they have a mouth full of marbles. If you listen to anyone on the list, you will find that this is what they have in common.

I haven't seen Edwina Currie on tv for months, but I heard her on the radio, and there they were - the slushy 's' sounds, and she does not have over-large teeth.

I think Janet Street-Porter has had work done on her trade-mark teeth, but their reduction has not impaired her ability to enunciate, if memory serves, it has in fact been improved, so she will not be joining the STHOF any time soon.

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The Curse Of The Badly-Fitting Teeth Strikes Again ...

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