Is There Any Problem That Cannot Be Solved By Vodka?

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ToraToraTora | 14:23 Sat 27th Feb 2016 | Media & TV
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Vodka via a drip, answer to my dreams!!!
No cat is getting their paws on my Smirnoff.
On holiday in Portugal many years ago a friend was nipped by a wee dog in the bar we were in.
The bar owner doused the wound in Smirnoff before taking the patient to A&E.
Better than Dettol for cleansing a wound, apparently. :-)
Doubt if you could cure Dipsomania with it.
Alcoholism wouldn't be helped a great deal by it!
I bet Moggy had a CATastrophic hangover after. :-)
Yeah, it must have been staggering around, vomiting after all that vodka!!
Can I have Gin if I need a miracle spirit?
Sorry bit of a long tale .... Many moons ago Mr M kept ribbing my nephew, a tattooist, as to what he'd look like with an earring. We were on holiday and a little tiddled when Mr M started again 'What would I look like with an earring Jake?' Jake said 'lets have a look uncle' and pushed a gold stud through his ear lobe! The only care he took of it was to dab it with vodka - no problems at all. At 72 and 20 years later he still wears it, it's a part of him that I hope never changes.
intravenous vodka - well it IS sterile...

human drink anti freeze as well ( tastes sweet )
they dont do very well
I've been wondering why gin seems to have made a comeback? I remember in the late 60s, early 70s, gin and orange or gin and lime was the ladies' drink, in a small glass with undiluted orange or lime cordial ;)

x x x
My first proper 'grown up' drink in a pub was a Gin n Orange.
I used to drink gin and diet Coke for a while back in the late 80s. Sounds disgusting now. I love a gin and tonic nowadays. But I only buy the little cans of ready- mixed. I don't trust myself with a bottle.

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Is There Any Problem That Cannot Be Solved By Vodka?

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