Room 101 - Milk In Tea First? Perlease!

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ToraToraTora | 00:14 Fri 12th Feb 2016 | Media & TV
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it has to go in first! it's not tea otherwise! Heston Bloomingtart, not a clue!


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I always put my milk in first, it tastes horrible the other way round.
I haven't watched in yet.
In the days that I used to drink tea I was kind of perplexed when a friend put both milk and teabag in a mug and then poured the water in.
No, no, no, it has to be layered: first the sugar; second the milk; third the lemon juice, fourth the tea-bag; and lastly the boiling water.
So glad I don't drink tea
Actually there are sounds reasons for putting in the milk first:

1) If you use leaf tea it stops floaters
2) f you are drinking from fine bone china it prevents cracking

Otherwise it makes no difference, unless you use a teabag in a mug, in which case tea first.
Tea must be made with boiling water which will crack high quality china cups if not tempered by the cold milk already in the cup.
Stuey, milk and lemon juice? Yuk. I'm glad I don't drink tea anymore.
Wouldn't the cold milk decrease, somewhat, the temperature of the cup therefore increasing the temperature difference between the cup and boiling water, and therefore increasing the chance of breakage?
Question Author
help, tea "bag" - what is that?
Just joshin', Cloverjoe.
I knew it must be a joke, stuey. I don't always see it til later. :)
>>> Actually there are sounds reasons for putting in the milk first

. . . possibly, but there are also some damned good ones for putting the tea in first!

If you put the milk in first and then add the tea, there's a possibility that you'll accidentally make it slightly too milky. That can only be remedied by adding more tea, which is difficult enough if you've made the tea in a pot (because you'll have to empty some of the over-milky tea out of the cup/mug first) but impossible if you've made the tea by putting a teabag in a mug (unless, of course, you use another mug and teabag to make the extra tea required).

If you put the tea into the mug/cup first you can slowly add milk until the tea is exactly the right colour, thus producing the perfect cuppa!
Any chance of us discussing the "correct" way to cook the "perfect" soft-boiled egg?:)
Noticed a salted caramel hot chocolate drink
Anyone tried it?
Place the egg (room temperature in a small (milk) pan and add cold water till it almost covers the egg. Put on the stove. As soon as the water starts to boil then time for three minutes.
NO! I was just kidding, Jackdaw33:)
Gently add egg to boiling water and simmer 4 and a half minutes
That might work, Daisy, but you risk cracking the shell.
Ok, I won't even ask how one should remove the top: decapitation, or gentle tapping and peeling...No, I will not ask.
Never cracked one yet!

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Room 101 - Milk In Tea First? Perlease!

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