Michael Portillo Bbc2 6.30Pm, Great American

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trt | 19:03 Mon 01st Feb 2016 | Media & TV
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Railroad Journeys.

The first one tonight was great, and really looking forward to the rest of the series.


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Sounds interesting. I will watch it on iPlayer I did the VIA rail trip from Toronto to Vancouver a couple of years ago. I quite fancy doing an an American trip sometime.
I'm not particularly a fan of trains (nor Michael Portillo in his previous incarnation!) but I really enjoy all his railway programmes. Tonight's was the first of 15 in this American should run for three weeks.
Same as gingebe, I love his programmes, and am always guessing what colours he is wearing that day!
I thought the Augusta Masters Golf had come early when he was interviewed yesterday with his green jacket!!
Not a train geek at all, but having spent a few days in New York last october - and having visited most of the places he went to, found this absolutely fascinating and will be following the rest of the series avidly. Appreciate that the programme was only 30 minutes long, but was disappointed that his guide around the station failed to mention how instrumental the late Jackie Kennedy was in getting the building re-furbished to its current grandeur. Oh well ..... A great programme nevertheless, and can't wait till tonight's episode!
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I enjoy it it, not because of the train journeys, but the unusual places he visits, there is always something interesting to learn.

When he did the British version, there were Towns, villages, places, tales and stories that I have never heard of, and how things got their name etc.
didn't see the programme, did he cover the whispering gallery in Grand Central?
I really enjoyed it, looking forward to the rest of the series!

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Michael Portillo Bbc2 6.30Pm, Great American

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