********** Russian film-preview on sci fi channel last night

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LizzieJ | 17:47 Tue 27th Sep 2005 | Media & TV
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I saw a 15 min clip from this yet to be released film last night on the sci fi channel, it was on btween 10.00 and 10.15-did anyone else see it and what did you think? Apparently Quentin Tarantino was impressed (this according to SKY anyway!). I thought it was excellent really cool visuals and wierd story line...


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it was called ********** by the way
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erm, for some reason i cant seem to type the name of the film, it keeps coming out as stars??? (confused)

Hi lizziej, If you mean **********, I've had it on dvd for a few months. Its pretty good, seeing it was more popular in Russia than Lord Of The Rings! Yes Tarantino loves it, and says its one of the best he's seen. Its a little odd but Good all the same.

Strange AB wont let me write the title either! N I G H T  W A T C H
Miss out the Nigh and the ch and you'll see that the auto-censor is a tad sensitive!
is it subtitled? i was on the wibsite for it and wasnt sure if it was in subtitles (looked good tho and its a trilogy apparently)
The dvd is in russian with English subtitles, wether its dubbed for tv no idea?
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Excellent, I didnt know it was on dvd so will def search for it now!

thank all for replying - good to know other out there who enjoy the less conventional stuff - most of my mates don't understand or havent heard of stuff like Saw or Momento etc etc


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pjb1, I forgot to ask, where did you get the dvd from and what was the year of release? I thought from what SKY had said it was a preview of a yet to be released film???
Hi Lizziej, sorry for a late reply, just got in. I got my copy from a great site for weird and hard to get movies called  Its an American site but they sell stuff from all around the world. Happy viewing!
Damn I knew I forgot something, its a 2004 region 5 Russian release, but who knows it may now be available on western sites.
I saw the film tonight (friend works at Fox) - if you like this sort of thing you won't be disappointed. It was slightly Constantine, and very good. Basically about good vs bad vampires and the 'final battle' of good and evil. Recommended! 
I just tried the link to make sure it works. No problem, but type in the title in search without any gap, otherwise it says no results! God, Im off to bed.
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thanks pjb1, you are a star!!

Lauralou, I tried really hard to like Constantine, but couldn't stop myself from falling asleep halfway through! which is a shame because a) love Keanu Reeves b) the basic premise was great but it was (far too long and dirgy!!

its been out in russia a year now but it is about to be released at cinema in america and uk shortly, have a preview about it

just found this and it looks fun,

and as for the film nitewatch its released in the uk 7th October 2005, try this for a link below to see about it

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Thanx Twiglet4frog, I bow down to your genius!

Thanks to everyone for replying!!!!!!!!! (you are all fab!)

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********** Russian film-preview on sci fi channel last night

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