Star Wars: The Force Awakens - A Call For Your Reviews!

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AB Editor | 16:59 Wed 16th Dec 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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So some reviews are in and it seems really positive?

The Verge: (Spoiler Free)

The Guardian: (Spoiler Free)

Slate: (Not sure if spoiler free, but I didn't feel spoiled after reading it!)

I know a few of your are going to see it at midnight, or very soon after - so I thought it might be fun for us to have one big thread where we can all talk about it.

Please tell people if you're going to drop any spoilers in at the beginning of your review/comment/answer/question :)

I'm not seeing it until Saturday - but am happy to be spoiled!


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Seeing it tomorrow (and again next week) -- I'll post back afterwards I'm sure!
I have great hopes that JJ Abrams will have been able to salvage the Star Wars world/galaxy from George Lucas.

Can't wait to see it. :o)
I would like to go and see it - however ( apart from the first one ) i haven't seen the previous films - so i'm thinking that the story line will in some places assume that people are up to date with the story to date .

Am i incorrect - will a complete newcomer to the film be able to understand and not get lost ?
I'll tell you afterwards!

I would imagine that you'll need to have seen only the original trilogy (hope so, as forcing anyone to watch the prequels is a violation of the Geneva Convention) in order to understand fully -- but JJ Abram's Star Trek Reboot stood largely on its own merit and apart from a tonne of in-jokes you didn't need to have watched any of the original stuff to follow it, so this might well be the same.
Question Author
I'm sure it will stand on it's own, looking at the reviews. There might be more value if you know the references?

I'll be going having not "freshened up" on the story - so we'll see! When are you going bazile?
I haven't as yet made a decision to go or not .
I can truthfully admit, that I have never ever seen anyone of the Star Wars films, and never intend too!

They are not Movie's, they are non acting computerised special effects!
Question Author
Ah, the classic: "I haven't seen it, but here's my opinion anyway"

I'm not a big fan, but they have a kind of cultural value that's interesting at the very least :)
I think trt's type of film ,is from the days when the actors wore baggy trousers and talked fast
I'm going to Monday
I was never a fan of Star Wars, as in I never got round to going to see the original films, and only saw the first one years later when it was re-released in enhanced format. I have to say it didn't leave me gasping for more, but that was probably because I was not keen on the battle scenes near the end.
However, I have since become a fan of the prequels (probably in opposition to the diehards), and for that reason I look forward to Number 7!
I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that last message. It looked like it was in English but... you became a fan of the prequels? No, that can't be anything more than an accidental mistranslation of what you meant to say. Surely? :P
'Fraid so,
And the reason, presumably, is because I hadn't seen the others (apart from one which hadn't particularly impressed me -- at the time)
I am by no means a huge fan.

I am old enough to have seen the first film in the cinema, which is the only place it should be seen.

It is impossible to explain to modern cinema goers, who take CGI for granted, just what a huge ground breaking spectacular experience that was.

I saw 4 5 and 6, and enjoyed them. Then I saw 1, with Euan McGregor woefully miscast, and adrift in an ocean of gobbledy-gook dialogue, and dipped out of 2 and 3.

I will go and see the new one, and hopefully I will enjoy it,
## No, that can't be anything more than an accidental mistranslation of what you meant to say. Surely? :P ##

Have you got your English teachers hat on today Jim, or bored?
trt!! You're alive + kicking!! TFFT!

Bathx x
Says the guy who hasn't seen a single movie, trt?

## Says the guy who hasn't seen a single movie, trt? ##

Tut tut Jim boy, silly answer. I have seen many films, and actually been in two, as well as the theatre!

Autographs on request.
a single Star Wars movie, obvs.
I'm looking forward to seeing it but no plans yet but does look better than the prequels... although I did enjoy revenge of the sith (Episode 3) the Birth of Luke, Leia and Darth Vader. I remember when a mate of mine went to see the Phantom menace... "Its all about some soppy kid" Doh!

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