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chelle7272 | 20:21 Mon 23rd Nov 2015 | Media & TV
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I find her annoying as a rule, and this marriage storyline absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable, but I thought she looked gorgeous tonight in her 50's style wedding outfit and hairdo. What did you think?


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very very nice..
It was tacky...then oh my giddyaunt, zak dingle just kissed a blonde!!
Oh ditto was to the first answer. :o)
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Eanceoil, have to disagree, not something I'd wear but suited her well I thought.
Mrs chappie..I got that :)
I didn't like the 2 curls up front, I did like the dress although it reminds me of a pattern i have on my cups here. I thought the hair was tacky.
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Lol funny enough it was the hair I was thinking of when I said not for me, did take me aback a bit at first, but as I said thought it really suited long as I don't have to hear her simpering
She does go on doesn't she ;}
I felt really sorry for her when she said she'd waited for Mr Right but it didn't look like he was coming, aww bless.
Bad enough Paddy being tempted to cheat, but Zak...!
She reminds me of a young Joanna Lumley.
I missed the second half tonight, did she marry him?
Did anyone like her wedding outfit?

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Emmerdale Tonight - Bernice

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