Any Abrs Watch The Naked Choir?

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Matheous-2 | 21:18 Fri 30th Oct 2015 | Media & TV
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No, -they were not physically naked!
What an outstanding contest of vocal harmonies and choreographed stage presentation before an audience. "Choral Stimulation" and "Sons of Pitches" really moved some of the judges and MC Gareth Malone....
Hope the YT links work here. Please listen all the way through.....these guys are really good, and I hope they have a career doing this....They deserve to have success!
I will place the second link in another post.


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This is my other favourite from the series.....The Sons of Pitches (who have downloads available in iTunes)
If they're not 'naked,' they should come up with another name
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By 'naked' I think it was meant as raw or live.....
'Naked' referred to the fact that they were singing unaccompanied by instruments, 'a capella'.
Haven't watched this series. I got a bit disillusioned when it became apparant last time that Gareth flitted in and out and left others to do the real work. Really enjoyed it until then. We've sung in choirs most of our lives, including 'a cappella'.

I read somewhere that that was the meaning of 'naked' as in Jamie Oliver's 'Naked Chef' (unadorned/unaided).
// and I hope they have a career doing this....//

so do I
but unlikely ....
v difficult to make and more diff to stay there

Nicholas Graves who has a good role in Brideshead as Anthony B-b-blanche started off as a Kings singer ( and I think was also a choral scholar at Kings )
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Sorry Shoots, -You are absolutely correct, I should have added the word 'unaccompanied' .....
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The Kings Singers & Swingle Singers have been favourites of mine for a good number of years now. Top class!
I didn't watch it because seeing Gareth Malone on TV makes me want to SMACK him hard, but The King's Singers have long been favourites of mine
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Thanks for the link woofgang. I love their precision & harmonies!

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Any Abrs Watch The Naked Choir?

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