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in a mo | 16:34 Thu 01st Oct 2015 | Media & TV
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I have always enjoyed the 6 o'clock news on the BBC ,Now Nick Robinson has gone to BBC Radio 4 and Robert Peston is going to ITV News At TEN.
Where are the characters who bring some life and interest to our evening news, so far we have seen a bunch of reporters who obviously come from Local Area Television ,take for example Kamal Ahmed his delivery is similar to a chap in Plymouth Devon who does his own voice overs, Dreadful !come on BBC pull your finger out .Anyone agree or not of course.


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As long as I get the message, I don't care who delivers it.
life and interest to evening news ? its depressing !!!!

war , grief and terror everywhere. makes me suicidal lol
Robert Peston going to ITV is the best bit of news i've heard today.
You always get an odd mixture of newsreaders.

I remember Anglia TV had some shockers when they first went on the air.

And I also recall ITN's Reginald Bosanquet whose "trademark slurred delivery fed contemporary suspicions that he was a heavy drinker" (quote from Wiki).

I always wanted to hear someone say "I was totally Bosanqued over the weekend" but it never caught on. These days, most of the drinking class would be too young to know who he was. :-/

For more bygones, try Twitter hashtag #youareold
You thought Bosanquet was bad, you should have seen his mate, Alistair Burnett put it away. I've seen him still standing, well into his second bottle of scotch in a very alcoholic bunch of friends. To them, he was 'Boozy Burnett.'
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My opinion for what it is worth ,is that if you do not have "characters" on Television News ,they might as well be on the Radio,
In A Mo

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Bbc 6 Oclock News What Is Going On

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