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in a mo | 15:13 Thu 01st Oct 2015 | Media & TV
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Do you watch this show ,I am not really interested if you like it or not ,my question is for people who DO like it .
Over the past few weeks has anyone noticed a change of pace almost lethargic the acting has been poor ,the storylines are dragging .
Or is this just me !


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I do watch and do enjoy, any long running show has peaks and troughs - as of course does day to day in a Hospital.

I thought this week's episode was good , the beaten wife, obvious affair of the Nurse's husband.

Transplant on then off then on again.
Question Author
Fair point but you reply was the sort a politician would come out with ,do you not think it is dragging,some of the new characters are not so good ,also the story lines are dragging .
I do take your point with regards to a Hospital but surley the idea of any television programme is to keep the viewer interested and awake ,and to be honest the past 2 weeks I have struggles and one final point I actually look forward to Holby each week I have only been an avid watches for 3 or 4 years but never the less It is something I normally enjoy.
Christopher, In A Mo
I haven't really noticed any difference. It's one of my favourite programmes.
Sorry my answer didn't cut the mustard Christopher,that's just how I see it - light entertainment.

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