Casualty - And Nurses Roles

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puternut | 22:38 Sat 26th Sep 2015 | Media & TV
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In tonights show a motor bike crashed and killed 2 pedestrians (mother and baby).

Not only did a nurse find out the husband/fathers mobile number (from their chemist???) but also called him in to tell him the news.

Surely this is apolice matter and not the nurses duty to do this??


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It's TV not real life!
I wondered about that too puternut.
Me too! The whole hospital turned into a complete crime scene tonight - so far fetched! Seems like they have run out of ideas now so every episode has to be sensational - they are deviating away from the old Casualty programme of ordinary hospital life and turned into cops and robbers!
Easily forgettable episodes too - what happened to Zoe and has she still spilt with Max? I seem to have forgotten ............
Yes Zoe is still split from Max but where was Charlie in the confusion? Or have I forgotten something?
If a storyline is good I don't fret about whether it would really happen that way , thought tonight's was gripping.
He'll still be convalescing maybe?
I was totally confused, too much going on. It was nice to see Lucy Benjamin back on screen tho.
I knew her from somewhere, thanks for a that silliemillie,
When a patient dies in hospital, the police do not necessarily get involved in informing the relatives - most hospitals are qualified/trained/equipped for this sad task.
Must ask the chemist, the next time I go in, if they have my phone number.

How long before Connie and Jacob .....
ouzel i have a repeat prescription so the chemist has my phone number .
thought the programme was good tonight but i find the character of jacob a bit ott.
I have difficulty hearing what they are saying. Anyone else has found this?
WhiIst on the subject of CasuaIty, I wondered if the new nurse was reIated to the two actresses who were in EmmerdaIe and Eastenders as she had a simiIar accent and Iooks - when I Iooked it up it is the one who pIayed Amy in EmmerdaIe!
Question Author
Also lankeela her aunt (Jill Halfpenny) was in Eastendes (2002-5) as police officer Kate - who married Phil Mitchell, Waterloo Road as teacher Izzie and she also managed to win Strictly in 2004!!

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Casualty - And Nurses Roles

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