Ee - Kat & Alfies Mortgage

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puternut | 22:44 Sat 23rd May 2015 | Media & TV
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Just apoint I might have missed.

Alfie has gone for a medical for a mortgage for their Spanish bar.

Why do they need a mortgage? Surely they could just use the winnings?


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Maybe use the interest off their £1 million pound scratch card win to pay the mortgage.
I totally agree puternut, why bother with a mortgage When you have 1million in the bank? which will be accruing interest every day even in this weak economy.

I'm guessing it was just an excuse for them to have a medical but the writers should have thought of something a bit more convincing.
But surely it would be a Spanish bank that would grant the mortgage for a bar in Spain?
If you get to the stage of,questioning soap's time to reevaluate your life ;-)
It gave the opportunity to inform the country how good the NHS is in Walford.

Alfie's doctor phoned him to come in as she needed to talk to him following his medical. She told him he needed an MRI scan to check for a brain tumour. By chance they had a cancellation so she could personally carry out the scan immediately, no need to bother a Radiographer. She then discussed the results of the scan with him.

Something that can takes weeks in the real world took less than 1 day in Walford.

Welcome to the NHS of Soapland.
Have Kat and Alfie left again?
Yes they have gone to Spain to open a bar. I am confused though as I read that they are to have their own mini series which is set in Ireland!

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Ee - Kat & Alfies Mortgage

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