Need film title please

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bazwillrun | 13:02 Mon 12th Sep 2005 | Media & TV
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Does anyone remember a film made in the 60's.Its in colour, English and about a motorbike gang who believe they must die in order to be reborn, so they all set about dying in bike accidents. Takes place in the countryside not in a city. Its not the one with Marianne Faithful in (girl on a motorbike)it nor is it  psychomaniac

not a lot to go on but thats all i can remember


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forgot to add this

they can live forever if they beleive that when they kill themselves they will come back from the dead imortal.

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Are you sure it's not Psychomania as it has the exact plot you describe. The leader of the gang is kills himself and comes back from the dead (I seem to remember something to do with his mother and some frog) and then so do all his gang in increasingly ridiculously contrived manners and join his legion of undead unshaven smelly idiots, it was filmed in colour was set mainly in suburbia if I recall and was the standard sort of fare you would see after coming in from the pub on a friday night on BBC  one at about midnight.

I remember this movie too.  They hang around a pub, they egg each other on to kill themselves and find it pretty funny too.  It's wierd and cheeeeeeeeesy but very watchable too.  What is it called though?

The film is Psychomania, but was also called:

Death Wheelers Are... Psycho Maniacs (Australia)
The Death Wheelers (USA)
The Frog
The Living Dead

Details here...

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