Sky High, Prices Up Again Beware !

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in a mo | 13:44 Tue 14th Apr 2015 | Media & TV
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If you receive a letter in the next few days from your satellite provider beware Do Not Bin IT ,as it is a letter informing subscribers that prices are to rise by £4 a month,how long will it be before most of us who struggle to justify the large payout each month decide to call it a day.Whilst the management are bidding theses huge sums to show Premier League football they roll out the old chestnut that "we will not pass on the costs to our customers" we are looking at other ways of paying for the extra costs,The increase will come in in June this year between the end of the football season and the start of the next there will be very few games on maybe this will be the time to cancel your subscription then at the start of the new season renegotiate a new deal , or of course one could just cancel altogether .If you ARE a Football fan
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We have Sky Sports 1 as part of our package and have just been told the price isn't going up. FA family member has a Sky Sports package (not sure which but it includes Sky Sports 5 now) and that is going up by £1 a month.The only other sports changes are things like MUTV and ChelseaTV (I don't have those) which are going up by a £1 each. SO I think it depends on what you have
If Sky Sports subscription goes up here's one who will cancel.
Mine went up at the beginning of the year about a quid. I have got the sky sports channels by default because I have everything else, never watch them and can't stand football. Its the same as anything else you buy, pay for it if you want it, don't if you don't.
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I have spoken to SKY and the price will be going up by £4
We had a letter this morning telling us that the increase is £4.50, himself has been on the phone to them for 25 minutes renegotiating, it's amazing how much they'll come down when you say your leaving.
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I think all Sky subscribers have received a letter, we have all the channels apart from The Sky Movie Bundle.
I had a letter from SKY to say that mine will be increased by £2 a month from June. So I phoned to cancel my TV portion of my package (which and broadband). They found a way of giving me discount, which after the increase will still come back to what I am paying now. What could I say? The bill will remain almost as it is now after the increase, BUT I am now tied in for another year. Last September I phoned to stop them charging me for broadband. I had a deal with them for limited monthly usage but I had gone over this limit a couple of times without realising. To cut a long story short where I was prepared to cancel, they gave me a fresh deal of FREE UNLIMITED usage of broadband, BUT I am tied in till Sept.2015. Now I am out of sync. with them. I will have to negotiate again for the broadband in Sept. and cannot cancel the lot and go with someone else without penalty!!!
Are you all aware that the Sky fitted equipment belongs to yourself after the initial 12 months contract expires ? So here's the plan, cancel Sky contract & use your dish & Sky box to receive Freesat which will cost you absolutely nothing,zilch, nienty. Check Freesat list to see all channels except of course Sky movies, specialist sports channels etc.

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Sky High, Prices Up Again Beware !

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