Amanda Holden On Bgt. Grrrrr

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smurfchops | 12:07 Mon 13th Apr 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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Why is she so irritating, why does she have to keep standing up "oh look at me I'm famous" and fawning over Simon and those inane comments "Oh look its a Yorkshire Terrier!". I wish she would stay home and look after her kids. She's even more annoying than Alesha and that's saying something.


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What did she ever do to you, smurf? :/
You don't like many people, do you?

I suggest you chuck your TV out...
Totally agree smurf,very OTT.
Record it, then you can fast forward through the judges parts.
Incidentally she can take Holly Willoughby with her!
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Ummm that is true but I speak my mind and it seems others agree! Call me a grumpy old woman.. Tonyav I do that but she still keeps cropping up. Vakyu and Christine Bleakley and Matt Baker. Aaah, I feel better now ..
I can never understand why some people seem to get so irritated by TV personalities. Drawing attention to themselves...isn't that part of being/getting into the public eye? Making inane comments?...we all do that. Why should she stay at home? she can be replaced by someone even more annoying? She's making money...and feeding her kids.
You grumpy old woman.
Question Author
Thanks Talbot ! I know

///What did she ever do to you, smurf?///

Maybe she's younger, slimmer, better looking, or richer, but to be fair that's only speculation, could be all four reasons of course, or none, who knows?

Don't forget Amanda is rarely grumpy, Baldric.
Sc joked he was going to replaced her with someone younger perhaps she could be replaced with someone who has talent .Tell us again why is she famous ?

Talbot, you're right of course, how could I forget that?
Tell us again why is she famous ?

She is mostly famous for once being married to comic legend Les Dennis
It would be an odd show if the presenters were muted and soberly dressed - after all it is all about 'Show Biz'!

It's not the Booker Prize judging.
I wouldn't want to see her replaced.....because she is gorgeous - as is Alesha Dixon.

"Ummm that is true but I speak my mind..." I'm not suggesting you are one of these people, but I've always found it odd when people say they speak their mind as though it is a good character trait - when actually it is not. There are occassions when it is necessary, but so many people use this phrase as an excuse for their rudeness, when in fact showing tact and diplomacy is a far more positive character trait.

The only thing I find irritating about Amanda Holden is her laugh when presenting This Morning. Besides that I like her so I just try to ignore the laugh.
I like her no harm done by her and looks good since she was... as Talbot put it.

married to comic legend Les Dennis
she is just doing her job, which as a "judge" isn't a lot. most of the judges whether its x factor or BGT tend to fawn over simon, probably because they want to keep their job..

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Amanda Holden On Bgt. Grrrrr

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