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knowabit | 23:02 Thu 12th Mar 2015 | Media & TV
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Channel GOLD are showing the series Cheers from the beginning... Start Monday at 4pm. I'm looking forward to watching. I remember it, but I was too young to watch when first aired.


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I've never seen a single episode but I might give it a try. (I generally detest US sitcoms but there have been a few exceptions, such as the totally superb 'Soap'!)
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I remember that one too.... I must have been very young!
Nothing could beat Sgt Bilko.
...a close second and third were I Married Joan and I Love Lucy.
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I love Frasier so would be nice to see him in his 'previous' life!
>>>Nothing could beat Sgt Bilko

Totally superb!

>>>a close second and third were I Married Joan

Sorry, never heard of it!

>>>and I Love Lucy

I loved it as I kid but (unlike Sgt Bilko) I don't find it so funny now.
>>>I love Frasier

Another one I've never seen!
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Blimey! Frasier has been on a loop on Ch4 every morning for the last 12 years! I think I've seen every episode at least 6 times! Lol
I watch Last of the Summer Wine on Drama, Yesterday and (occasionally) Gold, together with The Avengers on True Entertainment (although they've just got to the episode tonight where Emma Peel left, so I might not bother too much from now on).

Other than that I probably only watch two or three hours telly per month. (I'm a radio fan!).

However I am currently working through the boxed set of DVDs of the funniest sitcom on TV for the past few decades: User Recommendation
(Totally brilliant!)
I used to love watching Cheers I'll have to remember that, thanks knowabit. One of my old favourite TV shows was Soap, it was completely crazy and hilarious.
I Married Joan was very early fifties, broadcast in the UK late fifties. The star, Joan Davis died prematurely. haven't seen it since I was a little boy so probably would not appreciate the slapstick now.

I always feel a tinge of sadness when I see Cheers.

I was never a huge fan, and I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode, but I know I would like it.

It just has that '80's feel about it, and it makes me feel nostalgic for times gone by.

I wish they'd re-run all of Married With Children - that was amazing!
>>>One of my old favourite TV shows was Soap, it was completely crazy and hilarious

Richard Mulligan, as Burt, was wonderful!
Buenchico, I have been a fan of Still Game since the beginning and have every episode on DVD. I only have to think of Jack and Victor with that bat and ball and I can't stop laughing.
Very clever series.
Anyone remember Brass? It was from the 80s
Brass was more a comedy drama than a sitcom.
...rather like Shine On Harvey Moon.
I was always mystified as to how (the dire) 'The Office' kept winning awards but 'Still Game' seemed to be almost unknown to many people!

I might have caught an episode or two of 'Brass' but I never really got to know it properly:
I remember Brass. Timothy West as t'mill owner I think. I'll never forget the scene where a woman (famous actress) was putting peas IN a pod as piece work. And Algenon the teddy bear.
The teddy bear was a reference to Brides head. On about the same time. It was outstanding. Bloated capitalists, oxbridgespies, class war, and very funny. :-)

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