Foyle's War - The End - What A Shame!

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Mick-the-Miller | 17:41 Mon 19th Jan 2015 | Media & TV
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I watched Foyle's War last night, now today I read in the paper that this was the last episode ever - what a shame!

This program has always been a joy - well written, brilliantly acted - why end it when it's on top form?


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i preferred it when it was during the war .
I have also enjoyed the whole series and it's a shame it has come to an end. Last night's ending was very good and, believable.
I haven't seen this weeks but thought that last weeks wasn't so good

Twice before the writer (Anthony Horowitz) has said it is to end. Twice he has been persuaded to write more episodes. It would be a shame because I think the latest "Cold War" episodes are superb. But Mr Horowitz says he has no more stories in him and it would be a shame if the programme went past its sell-by date.
They announced at the beginning that it would be the last-ever Foyle's Law.

Like Chrissa, I enjoyed the "spy" episodes but preferred the detective series.
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The program finished a bit open-ended - Sam's pregnancy and Foyle having a 'relationship' with the lady who was a MI5/SOE agent!

I suspect it to resurrected, I can't understand ITV giving up on a hit!
If the writer feels he has no more good storylines left in him, what can ITV, do?
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I didn't see the later series during the war, what happened to his son? I've really enjoyed this Cold War series but it did seem very final.
I did not watch this for years as I thought it would not be my kind of programme. How wrong I was! One of the best programmes I have watched for a very long time. It does show that you don't need sex and swearing to make an excellent drama.
Big thumbs down from me. I found the writing and the acting stilted. Very much an 'end of term' going through the motions production. Shame, because it was one of my favourite programmes.
Depending on the contractual relationship with the writer I suppose ITV might be able to ask someone else to write the stories? Or not?

I've often wished Anthony Horowitz would put the stories out in written form.
I watched it last night and thought it was an excellent last episode.
What a miserable end......Plato didn't exist. It would have been a better ending if one of the SOE was the spy.

BUT who was in France receiving the details of the incoming British agents?
Oh no, didn't know last night's episode was the last ever - and I missed it. thank goodness for the iplayer. Have loved this programme since the beginning. I know some thought it a bit stilted, but it was a different age - a bit like Nevil Shute books a bit slower and gentler than what we get today.
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Maybe they will get someone to write a new series showing Foyle when he was in his younger days - like Endeavour - TV companies like to milk it if a programme has been as successful as Foyle!
Thanks dive buddy.
Somehow a PC Foyle series doesn't seem as interesting.

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Foyle's War - The End - What A Shame!

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