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jack daniels | 17:23 Mon 05th Jan 2015 | Media & TV
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Yay it's back - cannot wait to watch it tonight - anybody else enjoy it first time around? i'm glad the main two characters are the same

Olivia Colman as Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller
and David Tennant as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy

Anna x


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Thanks for the reminder :)
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you're welcome hun

Anna x
The problem is that it was written as a "one series" program with no extra series planned.

Now the writer has to add enough interest for a second series, which is difficult.

My guess is it will be disappointing.

p.s. My wife and I went on holiday to West Bay in Dorset last year where much of it was filmed and it was fascinating to walk round the areas they filmed in.

The "cliff" is there, as is the newspaper shop, the harbour, the police station, the caravan park and so on.
I missed it, will I be able to follow it as it will be new to me and I don't know the story.?
No murder in the new series.
I did enjoy the first series, but the ending was quite poor.
I have forgotten how it ended, wonder if there will be a recap.
I love Olivia Colman but can't stand David Tennant so I'll have to give it a big swerve unfortunately.
I like David Tennant usually but not so keen on Olivia Colman, not that played a likeable character, found it a little slow going to get into the first one but I did get more into it as it went on.

I preferred Hinterland and Happy Valley but am looking forward to seeing how they go about a second series. I wondered if there would be some kind of a link back to the references about his past in it, building on from the last series.

Am soo tired but determined to stay up and watch it :)
...not that he played a likeable character...
someone remind me of claire story in the first one? I seem to recall she was a olicewoman who was DT's girlfriend and something happened in an investigation they were doing?
Ok ..well it is back... My husband didnt see the first one and I have forgotton how it trying to watch it and explain is a bit difficult. lol... can anyone gic eme a brief idea ..many thanks
Joe did it. That would be the hitherto seemingly perfect house husband (played by Matthew Gravelle) of Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), the show’s leading lady. Does she ever deserve better.
Well, I'm here typing, and listening rather than watching it. Going to ring daughter now.
I just did not get it, it's all about an old murder of two girls isn't it?
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not keen on David Tennant myself but enjoyed it anyway. I had forgotten the ending but things are said and shown where i got the jist of it back.
I'm also into The Children which i never saw in 2008 but they're doing a re-run so i'm watching the final today.
I watched the new Silent Witness last night & want to see the second part tonight - enjoyed that too.

VHG - i love where its shot, beautiful scenery

Anna x
How do you know there is no murder in this series, DSJ? The whole Media and TV world is in the dark about the plot.

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