Disgraceful Behaviour

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Coldicote | 12:48 Sat 03rd Jan 2015 | Media & TV
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I see it as the ultimate disgrace that some women will portray themselves in this way, bringing contempt on the rest of womankind. What am I talking about? I recently came upon it by chance – the so-called Adult Party shown on TV from midnight. Maybe some viewers don’t agree but to my mind the whole thing is sick and shouldn’t be allowed. ‘Parental control’ will blot it out, but should it be allowed in the first place?


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idiot women don't reflect on me. I am me not them. If you don't like it then don't watch
its not for you to dictate peoples tastes, not every one likes donuts for instance ?
Haven't seen it. Is it porn?
Soft port. Breasts & skimpys on show.

Why should it not be allowed ? They wish to make money flashing their bits, others wish to pay to speak to them. No one's forced to tune in. One should beware of trying to enforce one's own prejudices and distastes onto others who may well see it as unwarranted interference and censorship in their lives.
I now have an image of Kenny Everett's Angry of Mayfair character.
Soft Port is nice with a good cheese.
We don't watch the sex channels either. I don't like football but it's still shown on TV. Just don't watch.
LOL Mamyalynne
Question Author
How would men feel to be presented and gawped at in a similar way?
I resume the women are all consenting, or do you know different?

It would be illegal if not.

BTW, never seen it by design or accident.
How would men feel to be presented and gawped at in a similar way?
I believe they already are. They're called The Chippendales.

I have absolutely no idea what the programme is or what it entails but it sounds as though all those taking part do so willingly and are more than happy to show off their ample charms, as it were.
coldicote men show their bits for money too you know - stripper grams-Chippendales- big turn off for me just as some men will find these gyrating females a big turnoff. However they must give pleasure to a lot of sad lonely men. I think they look quite comical with their painted faces, pumped up lips and boob jobs -one click up from a blow up toy.
Everyone has an individual opinion but I suspect most men would not be fussed. If one wished to show his bits to whatever audience, that would be his decision. Doesn't reflect on anyone else. That said I'd be rather less curious to see what the show was like.
'I recently came upon it by chance'

Yeah that's how I came across those channels too
Question Author
I would have thought it a matter of common decency, or lack of it. Enough is enough as far as I am concerned.
What channel is it on?
:-) at sandy
I bet it wasn't chance when you came across the television though, joeluke?

Ultimately, those channels exist because there is a demand for them. I'd just advise keeping away.
Never watched it, no need to watch it, I have it when we need it, but some make money out of it, that's life.

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Disgraceful Behaviour

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