Agatha Raisin: The Quiche Of Death

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hc4361 | 11:37 Sun 28th Dec 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Anyone watch this? As a big fan of the books I was disappointed in the casting and the interpretation of favourite characters.


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Couldn't agree more. Having read all the Agatha books was looking forward to this and whilst they kept to the storyline Agatha was miscast as Ashley Jenson was far too young -AR is in her fifties but for me it was the vicar and his wife that were so wrong. Why do they do this?
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I imagine Agatha to be a plain, acerbic woman (with small, bear like eyes and good legs) who has to work at looking good but is vain. The major is far too young, as is the vicar's wife who would never have an affair in the books.
The vicar is supposed to be a stiff, unbending, disapproving chap in his 60s, not a hip, right on young vicar.

They even got the cleaner wrong and seem to have morphed her with the single mum of the village.

Who would you have cast as Agatha?
Haven't read the books,yet, but have listened to it on radio 4 Penelope Keith plays a no nonsense Agatha, enjoyed it
Which channel, Hc?.......I would say Penelope Keith for the bossiness...x
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Sky 1. I think Penelope is a bit too old to play the man eating Agatha but she would have been perfect 15 years ago.
Thank you,Hc.....and do you mean I have to stop my man eating when I'm seventy four......better make the most of it now then......☻
I saw this advertised and the trailers for it but decided against watching it. It looked like quite a hammy production and I'm no great fan of Ashley Jensen. She has a VERY limited acting range from A - B and that's being generous. Pity really, it could've and should've been, excellent.
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Penelope crossed with Mildred (George and Mildred) would be perfect :D

Is that you, Gness?
The winning Quiche repeats New Years Day on Sky 1 at 8:00pm.
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Now I really enjoyed the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency on tv. I thought it was faithful to the book and the casting and acting superb. I was very sorry to see it end.
I always imagined Julie Walters playing her - Agatha originally came from Birmingham as does Julie
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Brilliant suggestion, WHU. She even has the little bear like eyes and good legs
Sorry, Hc.....I should be so posh....☺

More of a Barbara Good....all wellies and pig muck.....x
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And dungarees?
Oh yes......with a little bit of bling.....☺
I too was really looking forward to watching Agatha Raisin having read all the books, but am disappointed that it is on Sky, which I haven't got. I always thought Julie Walters would be the perfect Agatha, can't think Ashley Jenson is right for the part
Just catching up on this after being at football and a friend also watched and its the Bloxby's that disappointed her most, calling Mrs Bloxby Sarah just not on. She also commented on Roy being more camp in the books... he was just Gavin from Gavin and Stacey to her in this

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Agatha Raisin: The Quiche Of Death

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