Murdoch Mysteries S2 E9 Convalescence

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alison43331 | 18:03 Mon 22nd Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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Please could someone confirm (Powercut yet again!!!)

1) Who was poisoning Murdoch & why?; & #

2) Who murdered the Chef & why?

I have trying to find repeat, but not available



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I *love* Murdoch Mysteries but can't help I'm afraid I haven't seen this ep for a while and the IMDb isn't much help either :-(
The stand in landlady and the escaped prisoner were keeping him ill in bed so they could search the house for stolen gold that had been hidden there previously, they couldn't find it. Murdoch saw the gold at the end, from his bed, when he spotted the ceiling rose glinting.

The chef was killed by Hugo Brighouse, the chef's one time business partner. They'd had a falling out at some time and the chef was stealing his ideas, but don't quote me on that.

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Murdoch Mysteries S2 E9 Convalescence

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