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Barsel | 00:22 Mon 22nd Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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Anyone know who the guy in the car was with Haqqani?


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It was Saul's boss, the head of the CIA. Can't remember his name.
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I thought it looked like him. Does this mean he's a bad 'un?
It's a real cliff hanger isn't it? I don't know what's going on now!

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Just read this about him;
'Although the show never mentions it by name, Dal Adal is probably the head of the CIA's Special Activities Divison. This unit is responsible to conduct black ops, in other words, operations that the government can deny knowledge of if things go wrong. Assassination would be such an assignment for this unit.'
So I'm confused too as I don't know if he's there to kill Haqqani or if he's on their side.
Ahh...I see. All will be revealled next week in the final episode.

It ties in what Lockhart (who is the Director of the CIA) was saying - something big is going on which he doesn't know about.
Dar Adal, Saul's mate in the CIA.
Oops, didn't realise question had already been answered, and in depth. Building up to a tense finale.
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Ellipsis I forgot about that. Also I spelt the name wrong, it's as Ken4155 said, Dar Adal. x

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