Cilla - Brilliant !

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VHG | 15:34 Tue 16th Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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I know I am late on this subject, but I have just caught up with the series "Cilla" which is being shown again on the ITV Encore channel.

While I grew up in the 1960s I was not a fan of Cilla Black so was not interested in watching it when it was first shown a month or so back.

But having watched it now I have to say how excellent it is.

Sheridan Smith is totally stunning as Cilla, there are times when you think you are watching Cilla Black.

Great to see early shots of the (pretend) Cavern club, the Beatles (and other groups), Brian Epstein, George Martin etc. and how the music scene in the North West took over the world for a while.

But is also captures the whole atmosphere of the 1960s so well: the clothes, the cars, the hairstyles, the music, the jobs, the attitudes about life, religion and gay people.

I am a pretty hardened 65 year old man, but I have to say there were some scenes in the program that brought a lump to my throat and almost a tear to my eye.

Even if you have no interest in Cilla Black then do try and watch it if it is on again, if only for Sheridan Smith's performance.


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Glad you decided to watch it. Like you I am no real fan of Cilla but I watched it because of Sheridan Smith and loved the whole series. Great atmosphere and casting.
Agree totally, brought back memories of my youth, and working conditions in offices, and of a super time in general. Sheridan Smith is excellent in everything she does.
Yes, I agree, it was brilliant. Loved Sheridan Smith.
Agree with hc, not really a fan of Cilla but I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Sheridan Smith played a blinder didn't she?
Superb actress, brilliant programme.
She was brilliant as Mrs Biggs, too.
And funny as hell as Smithy's sister in Gavin & Stacy!
I was a fan of Sixties* Cilla and also found it a good watch.

*(It's the later version which I'm less keen on)
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Found this clip of Cilla (the real one) with Dudley Moore singing a beautiful Beatles song "If I Fell".

However Dudley keeps making her laugh so they ruin the song somewhat, but still a nice clip.

Hope the link works as it is not YouTube but Dailymotion web site.
I was late catching up with it too - but did so on recommendation. I thought it was brilliant.
Link works for me - very entertaining.
VHG, I just watched your clip. Cilla's rendition of 'If I Fell' was painful!
Totally agree with everything you say Naomi.

I too wasn't much interested when it was shown on ITV earlier in the year. I have watched on ITV Encore. Sheridan Smith was brilliant, brought the role to life. I am not a Cilla fan, but I really like the series.
I agree, I really enjoyed the series.
That's a great video too VHG, I loved Dudley.
Remember that daft Aintree story of mine, involving our Cill and Brucie-Baby....?
// Totally agree with everything you say Naomi. //

That should have been...e verything you say VHG. Though I agree with Naomi's comments as well.
I think Sheridan Smith is brilliant. I really enjoyed 'Cilla' although I'm not a fan in real life.
If the 60's were your era, as they were mine, then it was a "must see" whether you liked Cilla or not.

I loved it and Sheridan Smith, Was, fantastic.
I agree totally. Sheridan Smith was absolutely fantastic. I sense a huge future for this young lady. Dame Sheridan one day? Don't bet against it.

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Cilla - Brilliant !

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