The Missing... everyone ready for tonight?!

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knowabit | 11:17 Tue 16th Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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I do hope its not a *** ending!!


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Yes ready here - and I second that!
Yep, ready, I'll record it as well, just in case I need any points clarifying. Oh the agony!
I'm doing the same ladybirder. I seem to have missed loads of things shown here :
Yes will record it as well to look back the bits I did not understand which is nearly all of it so I hope it was worth hanging in there every week .
I doubt it will be the ending we all want as the beeb have said there'll be a second series, unless it's with another missing child and parents and paedos.
vodka you should look at this thread on Digital Spy, 160 pages long at last count. Oh boy some people really pay attention. I can't get to the end of it, it's growing faster than I can read. Mind boggling LOL.
I've been trying to catch up with it....I'm on page 101 lol x
will record.....voddy !!!! wotcha's life ?
Hey MM....I've been meaning to get back to you...the days are flying by! How are you? xx
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You don't need to read all Digital spy pages, start about 140. It should conclude tonight as the second series was only approved recently, so this series should have an ending.
I won't get to watch it until tomorrow, if anyone posts who does it in the title of a post until I do i'll hunt them down with a something very sharp and pointy!
Oh B00, I'm so tempted but I don't watch it.
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I'll still need someone to explain it to me tomorrow anyway.

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The Missing... everyone ready for tonight?!

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