Gogglebox Toffs With Farage

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chrissa1 | 18:34 Mon 15th Dec 2014 | Media & TV
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Nigel Farage spends an evening with Gogglebox "Toffs" Steph and Dom. Tonight at 10 o'clock, Channel 4.

It should be worth watching as I imagine a lot of booze,will be quaffed.


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Love Dom and Steph, but would seriously like to wipe that grin off that smug bar tender.

Toffs? No way, haven't seen 'em for two or three weeks but great company!
(We have a property just round the corner from them)
Question Author
Lol. That's their nickname that I've heard being bandied about.
Should be a hoot chrissa, especially if Dom is *** as usual:-))
And the missing word is p....d.
I will definately watch, and record also in case any of my friends miss it. They are the best couple on there, with the two black ladies are my second choice.
I wonder if they will still be able to appear after this? Remember George from the Clacton on sea family? He was told that if he went in to the Big Brither house he would no longer be able to be on Gogglebox (something to do with the public no longer seeing him as a normal viewer).

Steph & Dom have already appeared on "4 in a Bed" and now this.
Thanks for the reminder Chrissa1, I shall certainly be watching.
Question Author
I heard that Dom is recording The Jump, as well. I hope we don't lose them.
Watching it now, what a hoot - and a bit of an eye opener.
Question Author
I thoroughly enjoyed that. I used to knock it back in my younger days bit, wow! They got through some booze and still stayed upright.
To those wondering if the tv appearances will result in a ban, the difference is all the other shows are channel four anyway. I did watch in the end, and have to admit I was disgusted that after drinking all day he drove off. Even more so given that Dom was only tasting wine and he dare not risk it.
whatever his politics.................... what a boring old f***, and '' dick and dom'' it would appear are getting a bit publicity hungry.
Question Author
I think he was Driven off. Come on, he's not that stupid.

Postdog, he got in the passenger side of the Range Rover!
#I heard that Dom is recording The Jump, as well. I hope we don't lose them.#

Whats the jump?
Question Author
A Reality Show where the celebs do winter sports.
Oh did he. Well I have to admit I was watching them, not him. That said though one of the reasons I dislike him so much is his drinking...he seems to think it makes him look like an ordinary bloke.
it does, try harder next time.

Off Duty, relaxing at a Private House Party, why the heck shouldn't the Bloke have a drink?

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Gogglebox Toffs With Farage

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