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penelope2 | 17:48 Fri 28th Nov 2014 | Media & TV
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Gogglebox on tonight, cant wait, best bit of TV around at the moment IMO


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the bozzy couple who hold hands make me laugh
Question Author
Yes they're brilliant, apparently they are conducting an interview with Nigel Farage to be broadcast next year.
you mean the sozzled couple - think they are great on TV - think they would do well being on TV - you know having a programme of their own. some of the other viewers bore me - the family with the lad's hair up in a bunch for instance.
i look forward to Fridays because of Gogglebox
it makes me laugh when i see the 2 guys from Cambridge sitting with the background picture of a woman but all we see are breasts! behind them lol

Anna x
dominic and steph have already been on tv with their bed and breakfast on four in a bed

Anna x
yes i meant the boozy couple lol
Oh my goodness !
I dread you may be right.
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Stephen and Chris, the guys from Brighton, are good as well.
I think dom and steph should have their own show. I was in fits of laughter when they were watching a news item about the perils of drinking too much and two glasses of wine a day were deemed borderline alchoholism .Dom said '' bloody hell Steph two glasses -you're just getting started' Incredulous looking Steph replied 'Yah too right! slurp slurp
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I liked the bit about the lipstick between Steph and Dom.
i like Stephen and Chris too and Sandra & Sandy - i like all of them in their own way
the lipstick comment had me and my hubby staring at each other - opened mouthed and then in fits of laughter!!

Anna x
Thanks for reminding me to set the recorder as I`m going out. I had completely forgotten. I like most of the couples (friends or otherwise) but I find the families a bit boring except for the German guy. I`m not mad on that gobby vicar either.
I miss Linda, Pete and George from Clacton. Love the programme.
Why do the hairdresser guys always sit in their pants/shorts with their legs up.
If I had a camer crew there I wouldn't.
Penelope you go on the naughty step!
There is no camera crew there's set up remotely.
Love it.
That's what I always thought Postdog but someone on another Gogglebox thread said that was not the case, it was a film crew.
A film crew are there but not in the same room.

were they, I think you would have heard a lot more "eeewwws!" at one point tonight.
I enjoy Gogglebox too. Like Stephen and Chris and Sandy and Sandra. They all seem genuine.
As a, probably pathetic, observation; I thought the Moffat daughter looked pregnant but did not want to show it off.

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