Mary's Handbag On Corrie

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Barsel | 12:12 Sat 01st Nov 2014 | Media & TV
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Anyone else notice or is it just me in Miss Marple mode?
When Mary came into Roy's cafe with Amy, her shoulder bag was across her body.When she went to order a milk shake, the bag had completely disappeared, but, when she walked back to her chair, it was back again.Then over the next few minutes it constantly changed from being across her body to just being on her shoulder.Do you think I could get a job as a continuity person?


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A bit like Robert Wagner's bathrobe in an episode of Hart to Hart, it was navy blue at the top of the stairs and white at the bottom of the stairs, it then changed colour a number of times during the scene.
I just watched it... bag was always in same place. You couldn't see the strap when she was at counter as it was under her coat collar.....
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Sorry I have to disagree with you knowabit. I had recorded it and there really is no sign of the strap when she is standing at the counter but when she walks away from it, it is quite obvious to see.
Not seen this episode yet, but finding it funny with Fizz constantly having a big handbag over her tummy (to hide her pregnancy) love to watch the different ways they do this especially with 3 pregnant ladies on corrie just now
They always use huge bags in soaps to 'hide' pregnant tummies or the ladies always wear big coats no matter what the weather! Paula Lane who plays Kylie is hardly showing at all !
Who else is pregnant in real life? I'm aware of Kylie and Fiz
Eva is also preggers !
Norris is also expecting...!
What, a parcel (ha ha) .....
The women's hair often changes, one minute it's all zhuzhed or wavy, the next it's flat and straight...and hey presto! it's zhuzhed again :)
They also go in for 'cushion hugging' while sat on the settee, to hide their bump.

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Mary's Handbag On Corrie

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