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merylpeep | 11:22 Fri 31st Oct 2014 | Media & TV
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what do you reckon is the sexiest advert on telly at the moment?


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i don't think any are, i mostly find ads irritating
I'm not going to add to the publicity of any of the people who currently pollute our screens with their poor quality advertising. Things were much better in the Sixties.
Hard to say now that they've taken off the Joan Collins 'Snickers' ad.

None, they are all 100% annoying though.
Girl sat on a window sill with a Cadbury's Flake.
There was an ad for Kouros aftershave many many years ago and there was a very nice looking chap in it. Can't find the ad on or anywhere though.
i rather like the Corsodyl ad.

Putting aside the missing tooth and the spitting blood, the actress has a great pair of legs

ths one seems to be for Anglian Water, but I don't think they show it any more
Can't stand most of the ads, but the funniest one to me is the specsavers ad with that young girl rushing in to the old folks bingo session and doing her exercise class. The look on the face of the old girl coming in with the bingo balls is a treat.
Butterbun....we are talking about the sexiest...not the funniest.

Sexiest.........I agree with Zeuhl..the Corsadyl ad....forget the blood, what a body and nice dress too.
Well it's certainly not Parky and his free pen !
Probably the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance ads.
yes, I think I could overlook that missing tooth.
"Me? I'm off to Venice with the Girls"

She turns me on in a sort of mature way.....husband playing golf, hundreds of miles away and she having inventive sex with someone new.

Definitely the gorgeous perfume ad with Charlize Theron.
What one is the whirlyhurley?
Probably this one, Georhiesmum.

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