The End Of The Machinist

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sp1814 | 07:52 Tue 30th Aug 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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If you've not seen this film (starring Christian Bale) and don't want the ending ruined, please stop reading!!!

Can anyone explain the ending of The Machinist to me? I know Resnik knocked the boy down, but was Ivan really? Was he death???

And who had been putting the notes on the fridge?

Sorry if it was obvious to everyone else, but honest, I couldn't make head nor tail of it.


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Cheers for that. I read the post on The Movie Spoiler site, and am glad that I didn't miss any nuances in the final half hour.

I personally thought that everything we'd seen beforehand was some kind of pre-death hallucination, but obviously I was wrong!!!

I think in the end its really a morality tale.As far as I can make out,the person putting notes on his fridge was Reznik himself,or the guilty side of his concience,which he was trying to suppress,and which was causing his chronic insomnia;"I have,nt slept for a year",he says at one point;and "Ivan"was that same concience,made into flesh,urging him to confront himself about what he did, (killed a child),which he finally faces up to at the end of the film,by turning himself in, to the police.

I think there are a lot of flaws in the film,and things that dont add up,and maybe this explanation is wrong,but Ithought it was brilliant-saw it for the first time the other day.

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The End Of The Machinist

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