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Barsel | 10:25 Mon 13th Oct 2014 | Media & TV
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Did you watch it last night? Still think it's not the same without Brody, I kept waiting for him to appear although I know that's not possible. Wasn't sure whether to watch it or not but glad I did because it's still a good programme and still has me sitting on the edge of my sofa in parts.


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I enjoyed last night's 1st episode too.

However, is Brody actually dead?
Good to hear that, I recorded it and will watch it this evening. We watched all the previous episodes as boxed sets, usually one episode per evening, which allows for better continuity, waiting a week's interval in some of these complicated plots can leave to confusion, but that might have something to do with the viewer rather than the film!
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Dodger666 I hope in a way he doesn't come back because it would be silly, like the shower scene in Dallas when Bobby came back.Perhaps as the article said, he might be recording for flashbacks which would be ok because it does feel like there is something/someone missing now.
Khandro I know what you mean, having to wait a week for the next episode but I don't think I could stand that amount of tension every night, I need a week to calm down. :-)
Brody wasn't hanged, in the real sense, which requires a fall to break the neck, he was hoisted by a crane and so he would have been strangled, the last shot we got he was still alive and open-eyed, so there is the possibility that he was wearing some kind of brace.
Wherever the CIA is, anything is possible :0)
I wish they would give a quick recap at the beginning of a new series as to what happened in the last one.... I did not even remember Carrie being pregnant?!
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It was advertised on C4 at 2.20am on Sunday morning but it was a repeat, so I thought it might just be the last programme of the previous series.
I missed the beginning. I presume Carrie had the baby, but what happened to it? I saw no sign of it throughout the rest of the programme.

(I think Brody might still be alive).
^^Carrie's baby is being looked after by her sister (hence the birthday Skype call)
Delboy, thanks. I must have missed that bit too.
We saw 1 and 2 in the States, 2 is better than 1 but without the Brodie/ Carrie interaction it's just another CIA show. I thought the baby looked a lot like Brodie!
I watched again last night, but wonder is it turning from having a tough, gritty storyline into a soap opera? Carrie's baby does look remarkably like Brody though. :0)
She does look like him. I can't help thinking he's going to reappear.
I guess I shall continue watching, but it has become rather a sad shadow of its former self don't you think?
I do. I've fallen asleep during the last two episodes - something that would never have happened when Brody was around.

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