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dave50 | 08:31 Tue 07th Oct 2014 | Media & TV
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It's on TV tonight. Am I the only one who is not keen on this program? I am sure everyone is a worthy winner but there is something about it I don't like. Anyone agree?


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think weecalf could be of the same mind....
But only if they concentrate on "would be celebs" ;-)
I can't watch it. All those z list celebs dabbing at their eyes. The people who win the awards are amazing and deserve their chance to shine for a night, but there must be another way to reward them?
I won't watch, it doesn't interest me.
I don't watch it simply because Carol (me, me, me)Voderman is on it. Apart from that there are many other unsung heroes out there that do good things but aren't recognised.
I never watch for the same reason as Kathyan's second sentence.
I don't like mawkish sentiment, especially in public.

I can't abide Carol Vorderman.

I do think the whole thing is slightly creepy.

Won't be watching - never have.
Hope too many people don't get distracted by Carol Vorderman's huge posterior. Me thinks she draws too much attention to herself wearing such tight fitting dresses. Hate to say this but she really does look like a question mark when she stands sideways. Anyway, I do admire the brave people who are to receive awards, I'm sure they are very worthy winners.
I think CV has really overdone the MILF angle she so relentlessly pursues these days.

A bottom that big is just not dignified - at least not when she wears spray-on dresses to accentuate it.

Dreadful woman!
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Glad I'm not the only one who finds it a bit creepy Andy.
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PiperH - "No I don't agree, i feel it makes it high profile and how is the z listers dabbing their eyes any different than a bunch of strangers of a forum sympathising with a complete stranger?"

It's because the z-listers to queue up to dab their eyes that makes it all so hollow and facile.
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PiperH - Sorry, I don't understand, can you explain your last point?
I think he/she's saying that some of the threads on here are no less hollow and facile than the POB awards.
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I love it and find it very moving.
PiperH - "Andy, tbh no - I made a comment on one of these threads when I first joined and got my head taken off because I did not 'know the history'.

So in order to keep my membership here I best keep schtum."

I am sorry to read that you had a negative experience here when you joined.

However, please don't let that put you off contributing, whatever your thougts are.

As long as your posts are within the Site Rules, you can say what you like - and as I am sure you know by now, there are some pretty spirited exchanges on here!
It seems to be more about the so-called celebs, who wipe their eyes when they see they are on camera!

Another annoyance is the female celebs. who use it as a fashion parade, and try to outdo their rivals.

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