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SpikeyBush | 01:38 Sat 13th Sep 2014 | Media & TV
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Have the beeb shelved the repeats of classic TOTP? I always looked forward to 7:30pm on Thursday. I can understand the odd void when the episode for that week had been hosted by Jimmy S but it is now nearing two months since one has been aired.


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Perhaps it's finished till next season?

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How can it be finished till next season? It's supposed to be on every week, as it was originally
Ok ok need to bite my head off...was only trying to help....sheeesh.......
It's not just the ones hosted by Savlle but they might not show the ones hosted by Dave Lee Travis and the ones that Gary Glitter and Cliff Richard appeared in and possibly others we may not know about.
Or, as I suspect, it has clashed with the proms and will be back when over.

Don't know about 1979, but TOTP on BBC2 NOW
The Smiths on now

I've got Wogan with sound off!!!!
Could be worse- could be The Spice Girls.

And still muted!
Question Author
Just going through what was recorded in the week and it is back at long last! With Cliff at #1!

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Totp 1979

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