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Prudie | 19:58 Thu 04th Sep 2014 | Media & TV
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I've not seen anyone post about this fabulous programme that's been on BBC2 nightly last few weeks. I've been enthralled and weepy at times. Great TV. Sqad I don't know if you've picked it up but you might like it..


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I have been watching it Prudie, really an engaging program
I have also been viewing this, excellent series ! Very sad moments, but equally uplifting ones ! Really enjoying this.
Mrs av watches it, she enjoys it.
Not seen it, will seek it out on iplayer, thanks.
yes I watched it prudie, very enjoyable.
I watched it and I was hooked all the way through. When the chubby girl (whose name escapes me) got her degree nearly had me in tears.
yes I was cheering for Judy too. But what a nice collection of young people, and their older supervisors.
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They were all a lovely bunch and I really warmed to Judy, she had a fantastic personality, I did cry when she got her results.
No I haven't, but will give it a go.
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It was an hour long every week night for 3 weeks I think so a lot to catch up on - I thought that apart from the medical stories you might see some similarities with the pressures of final year med students.
I might go and see if I can find it on iPlayer.

I was at the vets on Wednesday and was a tiny bit annoyed at having to wait to be seen as there was only one vet. The other guy then returned in his car and called me into the room. He was looking very happy and excited about something. He said that he had been helping a cow in her attempts to give birth. Mother and child were well. Vets must do this sort of thing all the time but he was still excited by the experience.

Being a vet must be really hard work but also very rewarding - it would take a certain type of person.

Lovely programme. Judy is just the sort of person I would love to have as my vet, funny, witty but really caring.
Sorry I missed so much of it...........only saw last night's episode where they all graduated. Looked a lovely, caring bunch.

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