Royal Marines Commando School

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quizzywig | 04:50 Wed 27th Aug 2014 | Media & TV
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Mr Q and I have really been enjoying this series (ends next week) - I found myself really rooting for them to finish the trials - some had to take tehm again - to get their green berets. Anyone know who narrates this?


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Hi quizzywig, think the narrator is Barbara Flynn.
...who used to be in Family at War - I used to love that series!
Narrated by Kate Walsh.
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Thanks ChillDoubt.
I thought that soldier was going to die on the 30 mile hike, he was white as a ghost.
i was really cross with his instructors - i too thought he was going to die ! they shouldn't have sat/stood him up imho
black cat - they are training to become Royal Marine Commandos not scouts.
I was amazed how the poor blokes leg just gave way as he fell, like it snapped. I wonder if it was actually cracked already, while he was running on it.
Not sure it was right to give that other one so many chances to pass all the bits. I know he did it in the end, it seemed like they were making too many allowances for him.
Great series though.

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Royal Marines Commando School

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