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woodelf | 22:42 Tue 22nd Jul 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Since the sad demise of James Garner, is any tv station showing re-runs of The Rockford Files? Ta Muchly.


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Probably some legal technicality as to who the royalties would go to at the moment, or TV companies squabbling over rights. Give it time.
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Okay ZM, will do.
The search facilities at the Radio Time website and those of Sky and TV all fail to find any forthcoming programmes. However re-runs have been available on a Freeview channel in the past so it's likely that whichever channel is was (possibly ITV3?) may still hold the rights and will show the programmes again in the future.

PS: Isn't about time that you showed us some of your latest paintings on your website?
that's a good idea chris re the paintings .
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Hi Chris and Anne - and anyone else who's interested - although I've hundreds, possibly thousands of images going through my head each day, I have no incentive to take them further. I have no room. My studio space, such as it is, is about three feet square, yeah, just that and as I can't use a sketchbook, I have no room to make sketch upon sketch, etc etc.

I have lots of half started, unfinished paintings gathering dust, but I just don't have the drive or incentive at the moment, in fact haven't had for quite a while, although I never stop creating in my head.

And even when I create in my head, these thoughts and images have to be pared down to a minimum whereby I can work with them within my limitations, but as my studio is so small, I get sick and tired of having to do small paintings and as my hands and fingers are getting increasingly more arthritic, the pain doesn't help.

And even were I to complete a painting, I wouldn't know how - as yet - to put it onto my website, that all has been done by a brilliant computer lady, who is now moving home, so maybe I'll have to get the know how from her, so that I can work my own website.

And of course, having given up smoking doesn't help either - how the heck do I concentrate without a fag?

I'm sorry for the moan, but you did ask, in a roundabout way, but if I had the incentive, then there'd be no stopping me - though I'd have to go back to the fags again.

I hope all that helps...if that's the right word, which it probably isn't.
hi woodelf, it helped very much, and I really enjoyed reading your '' rant''. I hope you manage to get Rockford on the tv soon, well done on giving up the ciggies. im sure chris will be happy to see your post, ( when he gets out of bed ) LOL. take care,
Hi Woodelf, moan away, we all do - there is a place where space is no restriction to your art though as you know, your heart and mind.

Speak soon, Mamya (smile) xxx
Hi woodelf nice to hear from you on these pages, sorry to see that you feel you have lost the drive in your creations. You want an incentive for your artistic output ? How about all your friends on Answerbank who eagerly await a next appearance ?
Hi woodelf, it's good to see you posting (smile)

I agree with Chris - we need to see some more of your work!

I hope you don't mind, but I've just been on the phone to Age UK - 0800 169 6565 - they intimated that computer assistance might be available to you.

I described you as "a friend of a friend", whose details I didn't have & the young lady suggested that you ring them yourself - if they can't help you, they should be able to suggest someone that can.

Be well, best wishes (smile)
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Many Thanks you kind ABers and do I feel the incentive stir?...sorry Ron, not quite yet, but I'll let you know when.
That's okay King and Many Thanks for your thought to do what you did. My 'computer lady' although she is moving away from the district, she is able to use remote access - me too, seemingly - so she can keep her beady eye upon what I do or if I shout for help...summat like that anyway, so come the time when I need to update my website, then hopefully her immense help will be there.
BBC 2 this afternoon rerun Series 5 - 1/22 and starts at 2:15.
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Brilliant Jomlett, I wouldn't have known otherwise, Many Thanks.
You're welcome.
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...and I enjoyed that - couldn't see a thing, but it brought back the memories when I could, so I'll be well glued to ye old goggle box.

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