Dragons Den Last Night.

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trt | 16:47 Mon 21st Jul 2014 | Media & TV
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I have never been a fan of Duncan Bannatyne, as he seems to me to be arrogant, cocky and rude, and last night I was proved right.

The young guys displaying their idea for photo frames, were a bit naive in what to say, and made a remark about general photo frames not being cool.

This seemed to annoy Bannatyne, and he comes out with '' I don't think you are cool (the 2 guys) in fact I think you are ugly ''

I thought it was quite unnecessary and very uncalled for, no wonder his wife divorced him!!!!!


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Are you sure he made the comments about the lads? I thought it was about their frames.
I think he was talking about the frames.
Maybe DB should be the first interviewee for the increasingly powerful Evan Davis on Newsnight?? Now theres a duel!
//I thought it was quite unnecessary and very uncalled for, no wonder his wife divorced him!!!!! //

How do you know why his wife divorced him ?
no no , agchristie - Evan Davies is too nice to be a bruiser ( i thought i said that on that other thread )
You did Bazile but he will toughen up given time! Must be a pre-requisite for Newsnight! Would liked to have seen the job description ;-)
Wanted: Arrogant, opinionated but well informed Oxbridge educated person with tenacity of a Jack Russell. Part night work. Must be flexible (but not with politicians).
Ha ha Z - do you think that fits for Evan??
Nipple Rings may be an advantage...
To get back to the original question, Duncan Bannatyne was talking about the frames, and said, " I don't think these are cool at all. I think they're quite ugly actually".

I recorded the programme last night and I took this transcript from the recording.
Has 'Dragons Den' reviewed any hearing aids recently? LOL
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Oops, must have heard it wrong, but I do know that his wife divorced him for his unreasonable behavior!
He can be a bit of a curmudgeon when he really tries !

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Dragons Den Last Night.

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