Britains Got Talent Has Had It's Day,do You Agree?

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anotheoldgit | 12:31 Thu 29th May 2014 | Media & TV
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Last night's show was the pits, except of course for Lucy Kay and little Ellis Chick.

In my opinion the audience go a long way to spoil this show, take how they choose to yell scream and whoop at the very time young Ellis Chick hit his final high note.

Lucy Kay deserved to go on to the final although I didn't think it was necessary for the sob story before she did her act.

The ventriloquist although very funny spoilt it all by the TV audience as well as the judges not hearing what the dummy was saying.

And what can be said about the French guys in high heels? Yes very talented, but they are not British talent and haven't we seen enough dance acts anyway?


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I enjoy it, it is what it is.
If people WRITE their own songs, arrange their own songs and then perform them, then yes ok, they have talent. As it is, people are singing other peoples songs so it's nothing more than a karaoke show.
The French guys, as you say, are not British and one of them upset me a little saying he didn't know who the Queen was! The only Queen he knew was Madonna!

I am not a particular royalist (can take them or leave them) but I did find it a little disrespectful.
/As it is, people are singing other peoples songs so it's nothing more than a karaoke show. /

I think admirers of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, George Michael, Bonnie Raitt etc might take issue with that.

I think the issue is whether the singer brings anything new and of themselves to the song.

I've never watched BGT (or that other celebration of mediocrity X Factor) but I suspect the answer is; no they don't.
Had to chuckle when Dec asked the three French guys: ''What do your wives and girlfriends think of this?''

I'm going off it now. When it started it was much better imo. but now I'm bored with most of the acts and some of them are just ridiculous, like the Chinese fashion guy last night ! I'm not going to watch the rest of it. Also, I'm finding it embarrassing to watch the way the rest of the panel are so obviously fed up with David Walliams. Doubt he'll be back next year.
Over the last 3 or 4 years, i have watched it on finals night only because i like to have a bet on it. The only time i was successful was a few years back when some singer-songwriter (think he had a guitar?) won it and i got 7/1. This time round i decided to watch all the semi's in order to get a better perspective of the audience reaction to the performers, using that as a possible pointer to how viewers may vote come the final. What The Funicular!!! Last night we had to endure 3 guys dancing in high-heels (for whom the crowd were going quite wild but we, the viewers, could only see snippets of their routine because of camera angles, close ups of judges reactions, etc), a fashion show (!??!) and an out of key mother/daughter karaoke act. After 3 nights i am suffering from over-exposure to mediocrity and have decided that i will consult my 3 daughters (who all watch rubbish tv) on the likely winner before placing my few bob.
Just to add; agree with viv ^^^. I used to quite like DW and found him very amusing. He did my head in last night!
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/// I'm finding it embarrassing to watch the way the rest of the panel are so obviously fed up with David Walliams. Doubt he'll be back next year. ///

Now if you had said Simon Cowell then I would agree with you.

This guy is so 'up' himself it is quite unbelievable.
He is, I aqree with you AOG, but David Walliams just goes over the top imo, even Alesha who is usually quite tolerant, poured water over him the other night ! Also with regard to Simon, you'd think he was the only bloke ever to become a Dad !
I used to like him too Ken, but he's just silly now and this 'romance' with Simon has had it's day !!
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Does anyone know what the 'Dummy Baby' said when the ventriloquist asked it "how did you know it was Simon's baby"?
I believe the answer was, "because he wears his nappy very high up."
Question Author

Thsanks Ken, there must be a joke there somewhere?
It has become the David Walliams show, all that sucking up to Simon, not funny any more, get rid of him
"because he wears his nappy very high up". Actually, I think that's funny !
AOG; yeah, i think it was a reference to Cowell's waistline being just below his 'moobs'.
I do agree it has had its day - on several levels.

For a start, David Walliams' constant creepy camping is becomng really annoying, as is the endless whooping and cheering from the audience over anything any act does.

Why oh why, no matter what any act performs, do we have to have a shot of Ant and Dec mugging up in the wings 'copying' what we are suposed to be seeing - it was annoying when Hughie Green used to do it, and it hasn't improved!

Frank Skinner did a merciless take-off of the 'results' set-up on Room 101, when someone voted for 'false tension' - 'So sorry ... you;ve got to go home ... and practise for the final, and come back ... to be told you're going home again pack your case and come back ... to go home because you really aren't ... one of the losers ... and so on ad nauseum. It was perfect, expecially when the 'real thing' did it last weekend.

And finally, the acts themselves. How many of them pass the very simply qaulity test - if it wasn't beamed into your living room for free, would you go out and pay to see it?

The resounding answer is getting to be a louder 'No!' with each passing series.

Yes, Britain has got talent - but very little of it comes on this show.
/a reference to Cowell's waistline being just below his 'moobs'/

ah yes

the hilarious Cowell High Waistband 'joke'.

How many years since that was funny - if ever

Does he even still dress that way?
Tonight the lady called Lettuce takes to the stage with her violin. I greatly enjoyed her first audition, maybe the show will improve?

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