Films That Are Never Shown On Tv

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jessiedog | 15:48 Sun 11th May 2014 | Media & TV
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Just been watching Mrs Caldicote's Cabbage War and it got me thinking about some films that I really enjoyed but are never shown on TV - Hear My Song - Saving Grace - Waking Ned - the theme here being British films instead of all the US rubbish that is on ALL THE TIME - Troy - being one of them.

What would you like to see that is never shown? Is there a way to lobby the TV stations to let them know?

It's not as if the films would even be expensive to show as they are all low budget and quite old now.


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I have definately seen Saving Grace on TV and possibly Saving Ned albeit a long time ago and I do get your point. We could certainly loose a few 'talent' and reality shows and get some good British films on instead.
The Island on Bird Street. Great wee film but it hasn't been shown on TV for yonks.
Read the storyline here:

TV stations always tend to show repeats of the same movies all the time. Getting sick of it. Take the Harry Potter films - never off the box yet they are rubbish.
"Payroll" with Michael Craig,Billie Whitelaw and William Lucas,got to be better than ENDLESS repeats of "James Bond".
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Yes, get rid of the reality and talent(less) shows.

Films are repeated so often that ones you actually enjoy and would like to see occasionally (every 2 years or so) become 'not again'...

Missed Saving Grace if it was on TV and I watch out for it as it was filmed round here.

There are soooo many films that have been made that the incessant showing of just the few is really annoying. I like Harry Potter but totally agree that it is over-exposed, ditto Star Wars.
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The Island on Bird Street sounds good, fingers crossed it is shown some time - another one for me to watch for.
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It must have been on TV Jessie, I don't go to the cinema, never used to rent films and I don't own it on video/DVD but I've definitely seen it and Waking Ned. I have no idea if you can find out about such things but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a site somewhere with this information. If you have Sky you can go here enter the films you are looking out for and it will let you know when it's on
I'd like to see the Pink Panther films again, with Peter Sellers- although i suspect, if i looked, they'd probably be on DVD at Amazon for about 50p!
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Payroll sounds good too

Don't have Sky but I am considering buying these on DVD if I can find them cheap enough on ebay etc. But that defeats the argument of TV stations not showing a more varied selection. It's just lazy on their part.
Stepping out-Liza Minelli and Julie Walters. It was shown on BBC about 10years ago and I video taped it, but it hasn't been released on DVD. I did write to both BBC and ITV to ask if it would be shown again, but they both said they had no plans to do so :0(
I too would sign a petition, it must be cheap as chips for them to show the old films. -rosy
I would like to see "Annie Get Your Gun" but I believe there is some legal reason why it can't be shown. I'm not sure about getting rid of the all of the reality/talent shows if you are including Strictly and MasterChef.
Troy has defo been on - I recorded it then deleted it cos it was silly.
Oh there are loads of good films that are never or rarely shown. The Search is one of my favourite films, but it hasn't been on TV for at least 13 years. And The Red Balloon, a french film, hasn't been shown for at least 25 years. And what about all the kitchen sink dramas? Not seen any of those for yonks!

Lovely film
Monsieur Hulot's Holiday delightful French film.
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sound of music -
my little pony ?

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