Hostages Ch4/ The Americans Itv

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bunkmoreland | 20:14 Sat 15th Mar 2014 | Media & TV
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A heads up to remind anyone interested,that it's on at 8 tonight,not 9 as usual,so as not to clash with the new season of The Americans,starting at 9.20 on Itv. I'll be watching both!


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Me too, though neither one is especially good. In particular, I think the guy who wears the blond wig when he is with Martha looks plain ridiculous. I cannot recall his characters name! That is my test of how well I am engrossed by a drama - can i recall their names. I also find Toni Collette very off putting to watch, she is so scrawy, her teeth look like gravestones. Cant remember her name either!
I thoroughly enjoy both, I can't believe that the BBC are actually considering the viewing public by scheduling the programme so that people can watch both (not everyone has the means to record).

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Hostages Ch4/ The Americans Itv

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