Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

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denis567 | 23:45 Tue 11th Mar 2014 | Media & TV
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Do you agree with me that Dr Suzannah Lipscomb is like a breath of fresh air on our screens?
She has that rare combination - beautiful and very intellegent.


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23:52 Tue 11th Mar 2014
Yes, I do.
Nah, not my type.
/// rare combination - beautiful and very intelligent.///

Really ?

Does one have a link to this paragon?
surely The House of Eliott must count against her
Like canary I resemble that remark.

Ok, found one, don't agree with you though!
Surely she's easier on the eye than AJP Taylor or Starkey.
Not seen her on a programme but from the links......

I would.
ajp taylor wouldn't even pass the audition for a zombie movie these days
But he would be nearly certain for the role on Yorick in Hamlet if he auditioned.
Question Author
Wow!! sandyRoe, you certainly deserve the best answer for that, I had seen a lot of those photos but not all.
how one 'looks' seems to help or hinder how well you do on tv,certainly as a female,with or without brains
oh her....dreadful hair

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Dr Suzannah Lipscomb

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