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sp1814 | 23:54 Wed 10th Aug 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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The current Ford 'Summer' ad campaign has 'Aquarius' from the musical 'Hair' as the backing music.

Can anyone tell me which version of the song it is? I want to download it from iTunes, and there are several different versions.


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Probably The 5Th Dimension.
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Dothawkes - now that's the one I thought it might be (being the most famous version). I downloaded it, but I'm pretty sure it's not the right one - the vocals on the advert are more 'soulful'.

I have a nasty feeling that it might be a new recording specially made for the advert!

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Apparently, it's actually a little bit older than The 5th Dimension's version. I think it's by Ronald Dyson and comes from the original 1968 Broadway Cast soundtrack.
not sure if this is the right one but it sounds a lot like the version off the advert. try mamas and papas.
It's definitely NOT the 5th Dimensions version.
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i went loooking for it on the web and found that it would appear to be the version by the Mammas and Papas.

It is ronald  dyson check the sample on this compilation.

hello i just downloaded the song and the version on the film is definetly by mamas and papas

It's definitely the recording from the original broadway cast of Hair - on iTunes with "Hair" as the album title. Sounds like the Mamas and the Papas but it's definitely not them!

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I think you've got it - I've just downloaded it, and it's the female vocal that gives it away.

Many thanks!

Its definitely the Mamas and Papas, the piece you hear on the advert is taken from the middle of the song around 1min 48 secs, which is slightly different to the start of the song.

I know cos I sung it!!

It is definitely the Mamas and Papas, taken from the middle of the song about 1 min 48 secs.


I know, I sung it

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Ford Advert - Aquarius

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