Four In A Bed.........

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ELVIS68 | 20:39 Thu 05th Dec 2013 | Media & TV
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Anyone watching this week?

Raj has pulled out for personal reasons after 4 nights.

Could the 4 hard boiled eggs and full English breakfast every morning have caught up with him or has he pulled out to save his business from going bankrupt after his antics this week?


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Have recorded today's ...he was a right pain !
Hello Elvis x

He was so rude.

I suppose we should remember that it's hugely edited but he didn't do his business any favours.
Question Author
Sorry murraymints!

Hiya ummmmm x, can't believe he sent his eggs back to be peeled, cheeky git!

And painted the shower cubicles. What the eff was that all about?
Question Author
I bet his B&B will suffer after this, serves him right though.

On a brighter note, Coach Trip is back soon :o)
I don't believe it was a joke, bet he painted them to make them look better and they didn't dry in time.

Weird he pulled out early, really changes the dynamics of the group.
What happens to the money he has put in the envelopes? After all he has stayed in all the B&Bs.
I assume his money won't be counted.

He wasn't very likeable chauvinistic especially towards the two girls just because they are young he thought they weren't capable of running a BB, his massive breakfasts were just attention seeking, wouldn't have fancied staying at his BB.
I think he liked to dish out the jokes, but couldn't take the flack back. A complete Wally.
When I watched if I was wincing at his behaviour, seems to be one slap-able one every week. And don't get me started on the one on CDWM who has the peculiar 'laugh'.
I wondered if maybe he realised that he would probably not win and decided not to make himself look a fool anymore and pulled out. His b&b was not nice, and certainly I didn't think value for money, one room didn't even have a lamp shade. And was it just me or did anyone else see not get the shower painting joke????
Could it be that he didn't pay anyone so was asked to leave?
don't suppose we will ever find out.
He was arrested at the last guest house we saw him in and spent the night in a police cell.

That is fact but there is a lot of speculation as to why he was arrested.
Oh that's interesting HC - how do you know that?
hc...spill spill, spill the gossip :-)
Hv - go on, tell us more (and how you know this).

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Four In A Bed.........

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