Never Mind The Buzzcocks

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China Doll | 14:06 Tue 05th Nov 2013 | Media & TV
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Oooh... get him!

Anyone watch it last night? I was really suprised at Huey Morgan's outburst, he's always appeared to be so laid back. Anyone know what the problem was? I wondered if he just didn't like the presenters.


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he seemed to be annoyed all the way through it, certainly not like he has been on previous shows, they did make a few digs at him, maybe he just got annoyed by them?
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I guess... Maybe he just didn't want to be there at all but his agent said he had to or something.
i didn't think noel looked too happy either
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Maybe the presenters were really irritating - I did think they seemed harmless enough but guess we don't know what the build up was.

Oh - did you watch masterchef?
i did indeed, the guy who had worked at el bulli interested me, surely if you had worked there, would you need to go on MCTP and the girl, i'm sure i've seen her before!
apparently there were lots of delays, 'go-agains' and breaks in recording

But that is often the case - recording requires a high boredom threshold particularly in front of an audience
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Thanks for that Zak - I still think he's been on there a few times so maybe he should have known. I liked the bit at the end credits about the cup though.

I can't remember him, maybe he got fired! The girl - I think she just might have one of those faces.
Metro quoted someone connected with the show saying the audience were on his side because there were so many hiccups and retakes in the filming.
Watched it on YouTube.

He did try to 'make up' with Phil Jupitus, Huey put his hand on Phil's arm and was comprehensively ignored - that was when he stormed off the set.

I think PJ was really annoyed - pieces of mug barely missed him,
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Yeah, I never read it - you wouldn't have thought that from the editing, he looked like he was being really unreasonable.
I only saw the end when obviously Huey was in a 'mood' and I saw him touch Phil's arm and Phil didn't respond. I wish I'd seen it all so I knew what was going on. I've always like Huey Morgan. Hope it's repeated.

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