a right muppet!!

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cazz218 | 13:56 Mon 25th Jul 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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which muppet are you??

apparently I am Fozzie - sounds about right!!


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I'm Miss Piggy.  Ha.
I'm Kermit
I am Animal ??!
Waldorf and Statler.
im gonzo!!! lol

I'm Gonzo too!!!

i am animal as well, not quite sure what to think of that!
I'm Animal too....oh dear!!

Im Fozzie too! Thanks for that - I love the muppets!!

Waka waka wakaaaa!!!

I'm Gonzo too, just how do I get to be Miss Piggy?(She's my heroine!)
Statler and Waldorf..
 Oh thanks a bunch - I'm Kermit!!!
i have been called kermit since i was little(still am) and my sister is miss piggy cos she used to squeel like a pig lol
im gonzo!!

Why are the people who got Animal complaining?         I got Waldorf and Statler - bullocks in my opinion LOL.

Wish I was Animal!

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a right muppet!!

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